Rummy VIP APK Download | Signup & Get ₹100 Bonus In App

Hello, my gaming and lovely friends Today we talked about the most popular online gaming app which name is Rummy Vip Apk. In this app, you will get to play many online games like Car Roulette, Teen Patti, Casino, Best Five etc. In which you can do a lot of earning along with entertainment. Rummy Vip App is a safe and secure app.

In which you will not face any problems in recharge and withdrawal. You have 24/7 help available on their customer support. By logging into the Rummy Vip app, you can also join their Telegram channel.

How to download this apk and log in, we are going to tell you the entire process in today’s article. Or we are going to tell you in this article how to earn money by playing a roulette game. You also get a chance to win party bonuses in the So Friends Rummy VIP App.

As soon as you register and log in to this app, you will get a huge bonus reward of Rs 100. On sharing the link to this app, you will get a 70% commission also in this app. You will not be found in anyone or a fake app. So friends come on next In this article we will tell you how to download or log in. Read this article carefully.

How To Download Rummy VIP APK:

Step 1: To download Rummy VIP Apk, first click on the link of its official website.

Step 2: As you click on this link, you will go to the home page of this apk.

Step 3: At the bottom right-hand side you will see a download button, click on it.

Step 4: According to your internet connection, Rummy VIP Apk will be downloaded on your Android device in a few minutes.

Step 5: After downloading, you will have the option of the install button in front of you.

Step 6: Click on the Install button.

Now Rummy VIP Apk has been successfully downloaded and installed on your device.

Now you can log in to this app easily with your registered mobile number.

How To Play Car Roulette Game In Rummy VIP APK:

1: First of all, open the Rummy VIP Apk on your Android device and log in to it.

2:After visiting the home page of this app, you will see many new online games. You select the car roulette game out of it.

3: Now you have to join the room of Car Roulette in which you want to enter as per your budget.

Rummy Vip Apk

4: Now the page of car roulette games is available in front of you in which you can bet.

5: There are 8 types of car logos in this game which you can enter by making correct bets. And car roulette game is the most popular game in India.

6: Now, whichever person you bet on, if your bet is correct after this sufficient result time, you will get ₹20 winning amount of your bet.

In this way, you can continue this game and earn real cash.

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Customer Support In Rummy VIP APK:

So friends like this, many online games are available in today’s online gaming trend. But you have to face a lot of problems in these online games and you do not get any help from anyone. But you will be happy to know that within Rummy VIP Apk you get their customer support available 24/7. In which you can take any kind of help. As soon as you log in to the Rummy VIP Apk, you are joined in their official Telegram channel.

Rummy Vip App Download

Due to this, you keep getting information about new updates with this app. As soon as you click on their customer support option, you will come to their chat room. You can ask for the solution to any kind of problem from their expert team member through direct chat. Their customer service is available from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


So guys, in today’s article, we have given you complete information about how to download Rummy VIP Apk. And in this apk, the full process of how to earn by playing a car roulette game among the available. so many games have been explained. You have also been given information about other help regarding Rummy VIP Apk and their customer service. For some more information, message in the comment box below.

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