91 Lottery App | Play Colour Prediction Game & Earn ₹300

You will earn from the best win-go colour prediction games in the 91 lottery app. Along with this, upon inviting friends and making deposits, both parties will get rewards. The bigger the bet you place in the 777 slots game, the bigger the bonus of rewards you will get. If you want to join their telegram channel then @In91lotteryvip is their official telegram page.

91 Lottery

First Recharge Bonus Available In The 91 Lottery App:

After registering in the 91 lottery app, the first option you will see is the recharge bonus. In which you will be told how much bonus you will get on recharging any amount.

91 Lottery Bonus

As you can see in the image. Deposit 100 for the first time and you will receive an 18 rupee bonus. In this way, you will get a bonus of Rs 188 on a recharge of Rs 2000. In this way, the bigger your recharge amount, the bigger will be the bonus rewards you will get.

How To Play Color Prediction Game in the 91 lottery app:

91 Lottery app’s most famous colour prediction game is Win Go. Go to the Lottery section and select the win-go game. Select a minute time frame. Choose one color three of them.

91 Lottery Colour Prediction Game

Which is red, green or violet. Place the bet by entering the amount you want to bet according to your wallet balance. After one minute the result will come and if your chosen colour is shown in the result then you have won this round. This is the way you can continue this game.

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In this article on the 91 lottery app, we have told you about the first recharge bonus and win-go game.

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